Smoking after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A crooked or misaligned wisdom tooth can sometimes cause severe pain and gum inflammation. A simple remedy is to use painkillers to reduce pain and decrease gum inflammation. However, as a permanent solution, most people go for wisdom tooth extraction. The recovery time after the extraction greatly depends upon your oral hygiene, your body’s healing abilities, and your age. However, certain habits can slow down the healing process. Smoking after a wisdom tooth extraction is one of those. It can cause infections, which can lead to prolonged recovery time.

Complications Caused By Smoking after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Smoking reduces the blood supply to the tissues of the wounded area, thus hinders the healing process. A blood clot is formed in the empty socket area from where the tooth is extracted. This blood clot formation is an important part of the healing process as it stops bacterial growth. Puffing on a cigarette or any other thing causes pressure that can burst the blood clot, and as a result, you might have a dry socket. A dry socket can cause severe pain, and you will need more time to recover.

How Long Should You Wait to Smoke after Tooth Extraction

A good recommendation is not to smoke for at least 72 hours after tooth removal and the longer, the better. A longer period will not only reduce the chance of bacteria formation, but you will also be less likely to form a dry socket. Smoking is injurious to health, therefore make tooth extraction an excuse to quit smoking.

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