Are You Worried About How Long Do You Have To Wear A Retainer?

Everyone wants a perfect celebrity smile, but not everybody is willing to make the investment it requires. You need to follow a strict routine of regular brushing to build a strong foundation for healthy teeth. But unfortunately, even healthy teeth do not erupt at the right place, and you need braces for correct alignment. After you are done with your braces, the initial months after that are very important for your healthy smile. During this time, your bone and tissues don’t tightly hold your teeth. Therefore, there are high chances that your teeth might slip away. For this, you will preferably have to wear a retainer all the time, except when eating.

Time duration for wearing a retainer

A general rule states that you will have to wear a retainer a little longer than you wore your braces. For example, if you wore braces for two years, then you will have to wear a retainer a little longer than two years.

However, the amount of time you wear a retainer may decrease bypassing months. Initially, you might wear them for full days and nights, then it might be only for nights and then only for a few nights in a week. A good observation is that the more you wear it, the better the chances of preserving your beautiful smile.

Taking Care of the Retainer

It is very important to keep your retainer clean and healthy. It will not only reduce the time you need to wear them, but also create fewer hygiene issues. If you wear a removable retainer, occasionally brush them and clean them using a denture cleaner. Regular brushing at least twice a day, along with daily flossing, is the key to keep your little bones free from bacteria.

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