Gum diseases during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most cherished moment in every woman’s life. And when it is the first one, you get all the more excited. However, gum diseases during pregnancy can reduce this joy. Periodontal disease can become worrisome as it might make a person lose his/ her teeth. And if it starts appearing during pregnancy, it might put your unborn child at risk.

Risks of gum diseases during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to hormonal fluctuation, various changes occur in a woman’s body. Teeth and gums become sensitive and might need extra care. Some women might also develop gum diseases during pregnancy. If an infection is treated properly, it would not have any issue. However, a severe gum infection might also affect an unborn child’s development. It can increase the risk of premature birth, or the child might have less weight.

Prevention of gum diseases during pregnancy

Expectant moms are extra careful about their diet and health during pregnancy. It is one of the ways to show their love for their unborn child. When women take care of their overall health during pregnancy, they should also take care of their teeth and gum. A healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy oral routine, would save the expectant mothers from various risks. With regular dental checkups, women would be able to protect themselves and their babies from many periodontal diseases.

An expectant mother should make it a point to visit the dentist, just as she visits her gynecologist. This is to be sure that she does not have any dental problems and would not need any treatment. However, if there is a need for dental treatment, she should consult her dentist and make him/ her aware of her pregnancy and later seek for assistance.

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