Ice cream after tooth extraction

Do you think doctors can advise eating ice cream as a part of the treatment? Definitely yes, when a tooth has to be extracted. Tooth extraction is a complicated process for many. People get scared of the swelling that appears after tooth extraction. However, the swelling can be minimized. Cold food eaten after extraction helps to subside the swelling and pain that accompanies the tooth extraction. Many dentists suggest eating ice cream after tooth extraction to stop your gums from bleeding. It also soothes the pain that extraction may cause.

Does ice cream help after tooth extraction?

Dentists extract teeth either because they have decayed or the space between the teeth has reduced. However, in either case, after the extraction, there will be swelling and pain in your gums, which would make performing routine work difficult for you.

The dentists often suggest medicines for managing the pain. However, swelling need cold compression for which most of the dentists recommend their patients to eat ice cream. Eating ice cream after tooth extraction soothes the gums and lets you feel relaxed.

The swelling during the first 24 hours is maximum and slowly reduces as time increases. Placing an ice pack is also a remedy to soothe swelling down. However, eating ice cream directly affects the extraction area.

Another reason why dentists suggest to eat ice cream is that after extraction, hard food will cause pain. Since ice cream is soft food, it will not irritate the gums or the neighboring teeth. Furthermore, since ice cream does not need chewing; therefore, there is no risk of anything going inside the extraction area.

So, all the ice cream lovers can now happily visit a dentist for tooth extraction. At Bayside Dental and Orthodontics, your dentist would definitely advise you to eat ice cream after the procedure. If you want any further information, please call us on 979-330-4113.

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