Water And Oral Health – How Can Drinking Plenty Of Water Help?

Water doesn’t need any introduction, as it’s absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing. About 60% of our body comprises water, and this statistic is enough to emphasize the importance of water. However, have you ever wondered how drinking plenty of water affects your oral health? Well, in a few words, water has a massive impact on your oral health, and your water intake can make a difference. That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article.

Drinking-Water Helps Protect Your Teeth’s Armour:

Drinking water now has traces of fluoride in it that is essential for your enamel. These doses of fluoride in water keep tooth decay at bay. Enamel comprises a matrix of minerals that slowly degrades due to wear and tear and cavities. However, fluoride swoops in and fills the spaces in the matrix. Therefore, fluoride can even reconstruct your enamel to some extent. However, to ensure that fluoride enforces your enamel, you must keep your water intake up the notch. Drink enough water and stave off cavities; it is as simple as that.

Flushes Down The Debris:

Sneaky food remnants can hide out anywhere in your oral cavity, even in the inflamed papillae of your tongue. Therefore, at times you might experience a white tongue. Nonetheless, drinking enough water cleanses your oral landscape and flushes down this debris. Moreover, water also dislodges the food particles stuck in between your teeth’ wedges.
Although you may drink soda or your favorite juice to gulp down your lunch, that will leave behind sugar on your teeth. Hence, this remaining sugar is a feast for cavity-causing bacteria. Sodas and juices can take you this far, so for a complete cleansing, always opt for water.

Help Prevent Dry Mouth:

Nobody likes a dry mouth. However, what’s dryness? In easy terms, it is
The lack of moisture. Hence, water can help solve the problem. Drinking water not only restores the lost moisture but also amps up the production of saliva. Saliva’s role is critical in preventing dry mouth and in the protection of your teeth and gums.

Water means no calories:

Sweetened drinks can easily lure us into their sweet trap. These drinks pack a punch of sugars that is enough to wreak havoc on your oral and overall health. These drinks not only boost tooth decay but also lead to an increase in weight. Hence, why not shift to a more beneficial option? Water. Water is the drink of choice with no calories and can actually help you with weight loss.


Water will single-handedly win the beverage of the year award. It’s the only drink that can serve you in multitudes. Hence, chug down the daily recommendation with any second thoughts. However, while you drink plenty of water, don’t forget to maintain good oral habits – like brushing your teeth, flossing, and using a mouthwash. These, together with plenty of water, are a game-changer for your oral health. Moreover, enter regular dental appointments in your list, and visit Bayside Dental for your appointments. Call us at 979-330-4113 for inquiries.

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