Six Teeth Staining Foods And Products To Look Out For

Several factors contribute to that “perfect smile”. However, the color of your teeth takes the lead easily. After all, it’s the most noticeable attribute of your smile. Surprisingly, it’s easier to stain your pearly whites. Hence, it requires efforts from your side to maintain the gleaming smile. Therefore, let’s discuss some foods and products that can stain your teeth so you know what to cut down.

Red Wine:

Red wine can stain the table cloth, so your teeth are no match for it. Wine is highly acidic, and acid can roughen the enamel. Consequently, a roughed-up enamel has more pores and a larger surface area. This makes it more probable for the stains to ‘etch’ into your teeth. Moreover, white wines are more acidic so that they can leave some nasty stains.


A cigarette is a devil in the stick. Although your whole body has to suffer the aftermath of smoking, smoke does a real job on your teeth and oral health. Cigarette smoke contains several staining agents such as nicotine, tar, and ash. Moreover, cigarettes produce acidic smoke that makes staining easier. Thus, the black tar and ash seep into the enamel pores. However, nicotine, although colorless, can leave behind a yellowish residue when in contact with oxygen. Hence, electronic cigarettes with e-juice can also result in staining.

Tea And Coffee:

Both tea and coffee contain an organic compound known as tannins. Tannins is responsible for the beverage’s staining properties. Nonetheless, coffee has a higher concentration of this compound, so it has a higher chance of striking your pearls.

On the other hand, tea contains a mild quantity of the stainer. Moreover, adding milk to the tea can counterstaining to some extent. According to studies, milk has a protein known as casein that helps reduce staining. Nonetheless, your morning delights might not be so delightful for your teeth.

Berries And Fruit Juices:

Before the advent of synthetic paints, dyes made of berries ornamented artist’s color palettes. Thus, you know these are not to be messed with because they can certainly leave their mark on your teeth. Researchers suggest that tiny organic molecules can linger into enamel pores. Hence, porous teeth can lead to more persistent stains.


Candies contain dyes that leave a ‘color trail’ on your tongue. Hence, while you indulge yourself in these goodies, your teeth have a make-over. Sugar in these candies can lead to enamel erosion making your teeth more prone to staining. Moreover, some relishing chewy candies mean that you need to chew them longer. Hence, they linger around your teeth more, making teeth stains more probable.

Dark Colored Soda:

It has a similar effect to drinking wine as both beverages are acidic, so they make your teeth prone to etching. Now add dyes and color to the equation, and you know what will be the result: stained teeth.


None of these stains are here to stay. Hence, remain consistent in your oral care, and you are good to go. For dental checkups, you can rely on Bayside Dental. For appointments, call us at 979-330-4113.

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