Teeth Whitening: Does it Really Work?

Yes, teeth whitening really does work. A reputable dental professional can clean your teeth and also help you maintain your pearly whites at home.

There are so many ideas about what works for teeth whitening. While some of these “home remedies” do work, they also cause damage during the whitening process. You can change the color of your teeth, but it won’t be with hacks such as charcoal or peroxide.

How to Take Advantage of Teeth Whitening

Besides home remedies, there are also over-the-counter solutions for teeth whitening procedures. Most retail stores offer whitening strips, UV lights and specialized whitening toothpaste which does work to a certain extent. However, these solutions don’t usually offer a long-lasting solution.

Although other solutions do work, they only permanently change the color of the teeth. You might think this is the only important task, but it’s not. Even though the teeth may be permanently colored, they will still age, thus yellowing again over time.

Dental Professionals and Teeth Whitening

A dental professional provides solutions that are the best possible option for teeth whitening. A regular cleaning will lift some of the stain from your teeth, and this will somewhat lighten the color.

For optimal teeth whitening, you need a professional whitening session. This works well in a few ways: it truly whitens your teeth, it protects the enamel, and it’s done with no side effects. Dentists also suggest that you maintain this at home by eating quality foods like vegetables and fruits. It’s just the best choice all around.

Ask a Dentist about Teeth Whitening

If you’re curious about how well professional teeth whitening works, just ask a dental professional. Locals can contact Bayside Dental to inquire about teeth whitening options as well. After all, teeth whitening does work. You just have to make the right choices for long-term successful results.

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