STOP Chewing Ice! Try These Alternatives Instead.

As peculiar as it may seem, munching on ice cubes gives a euphoria similar to a cup of coffee. How fascinating is that? Quench your thirst and boost mental alertness at the same time. Unfortunately, disadvantages tag alongside too. Well, just like any other addiction, this habit can’t magically vanish overnight. Here are some alternatives you can try.

Disadvantages Of Chewing Ice

Sadly, the joy of chewing ice is relatively short-lived. Sooner or later, you’ll be on your way to pay a visit to the dentist. This habit tremendously affects your oral health. Since ice cubes are hard, chewing ice leaves a small crack in your teeth. Those cracks are not visible to the naked eye, so you’re completely oblivious of the damage. Hence, if you experience tooth sensitivity upon consuming hot or cold beverages, it’s clear that your enamel has been affected by the cracks. As a result, you’re more vulnerable to cavities or tooth decay.

Alternatives Of Chewing Ice

Do you find it grueling to give up this habit of chewing ice? Try shaking it off by giving these alternatives a chance.

Let It Melt
If you’re finding it difficult to resist the temptation, go ahead and pop the ice cube into your mouth. However, try to let it melt instead of chewing it. This way, the ice cube will last longer in your mouth, giving you the necessary satisfaction and saving your teeth from any damage.

Avoid Ordering Ice
When eating out on a scorching day, we all crave an ice-cold beverage. However, what’s the guarantee that the ice makers are always hygienic? Keeping this in mind, it’s best to avoid ice in your drinks from now on and, not to forget, also helping you resist your cravings. That’s killing two birds with one stone.

The trick to breaking free from any temptation is minimizing exposure to your addiction. For instance, when eating out at a restaurant. When you’re done with your drink, the leftover ice in your cup will constantly tempt you. Hence, you’ll dive right in for the ice cubes and start chewing. Therefore, we advise you to avoid ordering ice in your cold beverages.

Soft Ice
Lucky for you, ice is available in various forms. Soft ice is less harsh on your teeth than your regular ice cube. Hence, go grab a slush or simply some shaved ice. They’re flavored and soft, giving you the best of both worlds.

Crunch Alternatives
Sometimes, when we chew on ice, we tend to enjoy the crunch more than the cooling sensation. Therefore, try opting for other crunchy alternatives like fruits and vegetables. It’s common to find carrots, cucumbers, or apples lying in your fridge, right? Thinly slice them according to your liking, and relish the crunch in every bite. In addition, you’ll also be consuming the daily dose of fiber you need and cleaning your teeth with these natural scrubbers.

Keep your mouth healthy by abandoning this habit and through regular checkups. Call Bayside Dental at (979) 330-4113 to book an appointment.

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