Four Effective Home Remedies For Sore Throat You Should Know About.

No matter how healthy your body is, a sore throat is the most common infection that you might face. Hence, we’re so used to it that we can feel it coming even before it arrives! Fortunately, there are various ways you can erase this discomfort. Here are some home remedies you can try to eliminate your sore throat.

What Is A Sore Throat?

A sore throat is your body’s natural reaction to a bacterial or a viral infection. Depending on the cause, it can last up to 10 days. As a result of the inflammation caused, you can experience throat pain and itchiness. This tender feeling can create difficulty in swallowing and speaking.

What Are Some Home Remedies For Sore Throat?

Say goodbye to the painful sensation in your throat by following these simple home remedies:

Salt Water
If you’re searching for an instant relief-providing remedy for a painful throat, then salt water is the best remedy for you. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and gargle this solution for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out. You can perform this procedure every hour to reduce swelling and kill harmful bacteria present in the back of your mouth.

Honey is a natural sweetener that can relieve your sore throat and make other remedies taste better. Given its anti-inflammatory properties, honey is often used as a medicine to heal any inflammation and fight off infections such as the sore throat. Mixing two tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water and drinking it several times a day can significantly reduce throat itchiness.

Another effective natural ingredient to soothe a sore throat is ginger. This spice can magically heal your persistent pain in the throat thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Begin by adding freshly grated ginger into a cup of boiling water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes with the lid on. To make the best homemade soothing tea for your throat, add honey as a sweetener with a squirt of lemon juice. You can enhance it further by adding a dash of cinnamon, a popular spice used in Chinese medicine for treating sore throats. You don’t have to purchase expensive herbal teas to relieve your itchy throat. In addition to that, you can also chew on a small piece of ginger coated with honey to numb the pain.

Remember, the more fluids you take, the faster you can heal from the sore throat. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep your throat moist, increasing the chances of your recovery. You can try to sip on fluids like tea or chicken soup throughout the day. It can be tough swallowing with a sore throat, so fluids are a great alternative.

While these remedies are great, they don’t treat underlying causes. You know wisdom tooth infection can extend to the throat and lead to a constant sore throat. Visit a dentist for an unexplainable sore throat. Give Bayside Dental a visit and discuss your oral health and get the best treatment. You can call us at (979) 330-4113 to learn more about our services.

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