Six Widespread Dental Myths That Are Actually Harmful.

Many of us take our teeth for granted and don’t give oral care its deserved attention. Such an attitude increases our fallibility for some widespread dental myths that are floating around. Furthermore, As a cherry on the top, some dental myths are detrimental to your oral well-being. Hence, we mustn’t believe in such myths.

1) Only Sugar Causes Cavities:

Sugar does cause cavities, but it’s not the only food that can contribute to cavities. Apart from sugary treats, acidic drinks and sticky foods also promote cavities. Such foods and drinks create a perfect breeding environment for cavity-causing bacteria. Any leftover stuck food contributes to plaque build – inevitably leading to cavities.Thus, regular brushing and a balanced diet are important for oral health.

2) You Should Only Get Braces When Young:

Such misconception has no profound dental backing. It’s true that braces bring about the best result when applied young. However, the science of orthodontics is based on teeth’s ability to shift during our lifetime. Thus, there is no age to get braces, so get them when the need arises.

3) Time When You Brush Teeth Doesn’t Matter:

The timings, as well as the frequency of brushing, matters a lot. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before going to bed. This advice is based on the fact that the saliva’s production reduces during the night.

Saliva is a natural teeth cleaner. During the day, the saliva production is adequate, so natural teeth cleaning is maintained. However, as the production falls during the night, we need to make up by brushing regularly every night. Furthermore, certain medications or conditions can lead to a dry mouth. Hence, under such scenarios, it’s best to brush daily to maintain a top-notch oral health.

4) Hard Brushing Equals To Better Cleaning:

The truth is quite contrary to the misconception. Rough brushing causes enamel abrasion. Enamel is the hard topmost coating of the tooth, and it’s the first line of defense against oral diseases. Thus, enamel erosion makes you more susceptible to cavities and sensitivity.

5) Flossing is Not Necessary:

Flossing removes any stubborn food debris or leftovers. Furthermore, it helps clean even the most elusive spots, which we often ignore in our regular brushing. Accordingly, floss helps us achieve a cleaner mouth.

6) Visit Dentist Only For Oral Complications:

The first rule of thumb for better oral health is to visit a dentist every six months. Such a habit can prevent any oral complication from developing in the first place. During regular visits, your dentist examines the whole mouth by varying methods, such as X-Rays. These examinations reveal any flaws or possible onset of oral disease. Thus, visit your dentist regularly because prevention is better than cure.


Like exercise keeps the muscle and cardiac system in shape, regular brushing and floss keep your mouth healthy. Hence, distance yourself from such dental myths and visit a dentist regularly. Visit Bayside Dental Group and Orthodontics now for a complete, conclusive, and professional dental checkup. Call us at 979-330-4113 to inquire more about our packages.

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