Oral Cancer – What Are Its Symptoms And Causes?

Researches and surveys have recognized oral cancer as one of the ten most common types of cancer. Oral cancer, to begin with, has mild symptoms, and victims often ignore these symptoms.

However, survival chances are not grim in the case of oral cancer. If doctors detect oral cancer early, the chances of survival and betterment are soaring by 90%. On the other hand, late diagnosis causes survival chances to fall by almost 40%. Hence, early detection is the key. If you incur any of the discussed symptoms, it’s best to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

What Is Oral Cancer:
Mutagens bring about some destructive changes to a cell’s DNA structure. Such changes cause cells to replicate out of control. Furthermore, cells keep reproducing and don’t die, so many cells start to collect in a particular region of the body. Such abnormal growth and accumulation of cells are known as a tumor.

Oral cancer refers to the cancer of any of the following body part:

  • Lips.
  • The inner lining of the cheek.
  • Tongue.
  • Mouth Palate.
  • Neck.
  • Salivary Glands.


The symptoms mostly include irregular white patches on the affected location. The patches can also be a mixture of red and white patches. Research has shown red patches are more carcinogenic. Moreover, these patches are very persistent, as they don’t heal naturally within a week or two of the first occurrence. Another common symptom includes ulceration( a break in the bodily membrane of the organ). These symptoms are accompanied by loose teeth, bleeding gums, and earache.

However, if cancer extends to the neck, the victim will experience pain while swallowing and a voice alteration. Furthermore, undetected cancer leads to metastasis. In metastasis, a few cancer cells break away from the tumor and flow to other parts of the body. These cells corrupt healthy cells they encounter. Consequently, cancer spreads throughout the body, hitting several target locations at once.


Although the precise cause of oral cancer is unknown yet, a few mutagens accelerate cancer occurrence. E.g.:

Tobacco: Tobacco is the single most significant cause of oral cancer. Tobacco consists of multiple carcinogens. Hence, eating tobacco brings such carcinogens in contact with different parts of the mouth.

Alcohol: Alcohol is known to have caused mouth irritation, and research points out alcohol involvement in oral cancer.
HPV Virus: Doctors confirmed the role of the Human Papilloma virus in oral cancer. Biopsy of oral cancer cells has revealed the presence of this virus in the cancer cell.

Lower Immunity: Strong immunity harbors several diseases, and cancer is one of them. Lower immunity caused by old age, alcohol, or prolonged infection, increases the risk of oral cancer.


The persistent white and red mouth patches are classic oral cancer symptoms. Thus, it would be best if you don’t overlook these symptoms under any circumstances. A great practice to inculcate is to visit a dentist regularly. It would help if you asked your dentist to inspect for any patches or lumps. Read more about our services. In addition, call us at 979-330-4113 to book an appointment.

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