Helping Your Kids Prevent Cavities

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is a great way to promote their overall health. Cavities are one of the most common issues that kids can have with their teeth, so cavity prevention is a great place to start with oral hygiene. Fortunately, cavities are easy to prevent and treat. Keep reading to learn how your kids can prevent tooth decay.

Limit Sugary Treats

One of the easiest ways to prevent cavities is to stop tooth decay before it starts. Processed sugar can cause cavities by causing plaque (or harmful bacteria) to develop on the surface of teeth. Over time, this plaque weakens tooth enamel so the bacteria can penetrate the tooth. Keeping sugary foods and drinks to a minimum can help to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Teach Proper Care Early

Of course, no one has the perfect diet. While limiting sugar prevents tooth decay, it’s okay to indulge from time to time. Proper brushing and flossing will help to remove sugar from the surface of the teeth and reduce the buildup of plaque. Establishing good brushing and flossing habits early will set your children up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist every six months will help to prevent cavities as well. A dentist will be able to thoroughly clean the surface of your child’s teeth to remove any lingering plaque that brushing and flossing missed. To schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Bay City, TX, call Bayside Dental and Orthodontics at 979-330-4113.

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