Everything You Need To Know About Using A Teeth Whitening Kit At Home

Ever thought of whitening your stained teeth at home with the help of a teeth whitening gel kit? You can efficiently perform this method at home by following the simple steps below to ensure a brighter smile.

How To Use The Teeth Whitening Kit At Home?

Worry no further if you’ve bought the kit and you’re confused about the process. You can follow these detailed steps provided below:

  • Before proceeding with the treatment, ensure your teeth are properly cleaned. Usually, bacteria and plaque build-up can cause tooth decay if not removed before whitening your teeth. This way, the whitening gel can also get the closest contact with your teeth. Therefore, properly brush and floss your teeth to ensure maximum whitening efficiency.
  • Before applying the gel, ensure the trays are dry because moisture can hinder and slow down the whitening process. Do not fill the tray with the gel completely. Add a small drop of whitening gel halfway inside the front part of the tray and avoid spreading it around.
  • Gently insert the tray into your mouth and rest it firmly against your teeth. Wipe off any excess gel and be careful not to swallow it. Let the tray sit for 30 minutes or as directed, but nothing more than an hour.
  • Once the time is over, carefully remove the tray and clean off any residue left on your teeth using a clean cloth or finger. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush normally. Apply the desensitizing gel the same way as above if you have sensitive teeth. Remember to clean the tray too using a toothbrush and cold water. You can store the kit in a cool, dry place to prolong its shelf life.

Why Is It Better To Professionally Whiten Your Teeth Instead?

Overall, it is better to seek guidance from a dentist rather than perform this procedure yourself at home. Here are a few key points you should be aware of before attempting it yourself:

  • Getting your teeth professionally whitened can be completed in a much shorter duration. You can save time and ensure faster results without going through the uncomfortable process every day at home.
  • You need to have a healthy mouth before whitening your teeth, so it’s important to consult your dentist first. Your dentist will examine your teeth and check for cavities before starting the treatment. If you happen to have dark stains, teeth fillings, or crowns, you might not achieve the desired results you hoped for.
  • You can trust the process and not have to worry about what could go wrong once you’re in the hands of a professional. A clear difference in the color of your teeth can be spotted immediately. You can choose which shade of teeth you want according to your preference.
  • Using whitening gels or strips at home is unsafe as they can cause gum irritation, which leads to tooth sensitivity. You’re unaware of how to fit the tray correctly or apply the correct quantity of gel. Therefore, this increases the risk of exposing your gums to the harsh chemicals in the gel. On the other hand, dentists take special precautions to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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