Tooth Extraction Vs. a Crown

No one wants to get a tooth extraction, though sometimes it’s necessary. But wait! Maybe a crown could save your tooth after all.

There are two equally logical arguments for both tooth extraction and crowns. To understand the pros and cons of each, you must do your research before embarking on any procedure. Factors involved will affect your pocket book or possibly your appearance.

Argument for Tooth Extraction

The tooth extraction is a rather fast and fairly painless solution to a rotten or impacted tooth. However, depending on where the tooth is located can affect the way you look or your bite. If the tooth is located in the back or is a wisdom tooth, then the tooth extraction has little relevance.

If your “bad” tooth is located in the front, that’s another story. Losing a front tooth can drastically change your appearance and alter the alignment of your teeth. It can also affect your bite. In this case, it might be wise to consider other options.

Argument for the Crown

In some circumstances, a crown will be a better choice. The most important drawback to receiving a crown in place of the decayed tooth is the cost involved. Crowns cost much more than a simple tooth extraction. The good point is that a crown can work just as well as the missing tooth with no noticeable changes and minor changes in feel of your bite.

Bayside Dental and the Tooth Extraction/Crown Option

Bayside Dental can provide any information you need when deciding between tooth extraction and the crown. Please be sure to do thorough research before choosing. Consult with us today.

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