Six Types Of Dentists And Their Specialties

Teeth are essential, but, after all, it’s just a part of our body – we all know someone without a set of teeth, and their life is going just fine with dentures. Hence, it’s safe to assume not much work is done in the field of dentistry, right? Wrong! Thus, to break the ice and show how far the dental profession has progressed with specialties that deal with minor intricacies. Let’s discuss several types of dental specialists.

General Dentists:

These are undoubtedly the most common type of dentist, yet they are the pillars of oral care. Whenever you have a toothache, you visit a general dentist, or when you want a dental checkup, you dial them first. Hence, they follow all the primary dental care protocols giving you a complete dental checkup, and refer you further to a specialist if you need further help.

Pediatric Dentists:

These professionals deal with patients below 18 years old. They specialize in dealing with the younger audience, but why? This is because dental anxiety is at an all-time high in children. Hence, a Pediatric dentist would need a gentler and calmer approach when dealing with children. Thus decorating their office with fun and playful things certainly helps.


While many think that dentistry revolves around teeth, they forget that gums, bone, and other supportive tissues need care too. Hence, this is where a periodontist steps in, equipped with in-depth knowledge about gums, tissues, and bone. Your general dentist will refer you to a periodontist if you need specialized care to treat your gum infection, injury, or any other problem. Furthermore, these specialists are certified in placing dental implants.


Your hard enamel-covered tooth encloses a soft spot, your pulp. The pulp has a rich network of blood supplies and vessels. Thus, the pulp, lying in the center, plays a central role in the health and growth of your tooth. However, who will look after the well-being of the pulp? This is where an endodontist hops into the picture. They specialize in dealing with pulp infections and injuries, and the most common procedure they perform is a root canal.


While the types of dentists listed above deal with specific oral problems, an orthodontist is dedicated to ensuring your perfect smile. They deal with issues related to crooked teeth. You would also know them by ” braces-doctor” because their day-to-day work generally entails braces application and management. Moreover, orthodontic treatment usually spans over two to three years.

Oral Surgeons:

These are certified professionals that can perform oral and maxillofacial surgeries. One of the most common surgeries an oral surgeon performs is wisdom tooth extraction.


It’s astounding that these many types of dentists are involved in taking care of your teeth. However, you may never need their services if you perform the basics of oral hygiene well, that is, brush at least two times a day. Moreover, a regular visit to Bayside Dental And Orthodontics can save you from complex problems later on. Hence, why wait? Give us a call at 979-330-4113 to book an appointment.

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