Seeing a Pediatric Dentist About Milk Mouth

Milk mouth, or thrush, can cause problems which can only be corrected by a doctor or dentist. A pediatric dentist can provide options for prevention and treatment of this issue.

Have you ever heard of milk mouth?  If not, don’t be alarmed, it’s common in babies or older adults. Milk mouth is formally known as thrush, a fungus which develops due to low immunity or from side effects of medications. A pediatric dentist has seen many cases of thrush, also known as Candidiasis, and is able to provide help for this minor problem.

Symptoms and Treatments of “Milk Mouth”

Now, if you’re pondering on what milk mouth looks like, then your imagination may have gotten it correct. Thrush has a milky and blotchy appearance, but not always at first. It’s possible that you might not even notice any symptoms during the initial stages.

The absence of initial symptoms is why prevention is so important. Preventative measures can stop thrush before it begins. A reputable pediatric dentist can help you understand how to take care of your baby’s oral health with tips such as using only clean feeding utensils, understanding the role of antibiotics, and also the health habits of the mother. Yes, the overall health of the mother can also contribute to acquiring milk mouth in certain circumstances.

A Pediatric Dentist in Bayside

Professionals at Bayside Dental can help you when your child is struggling with milk mouth. We can also show you how to prevent this uncomfortable condition. Visit out office and learn more.

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