Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

Although it might sound frightening, the root canal treatment is simple and safe. What you should look out for, however, are the side effects.

There are many reasons why a root canal treatment may be necessary. Although a cracked tooth and repeated dental work can be grounds for a root canal, the most common cause is simple tooth decay left untreated. You may want to avoid the root canal treatment, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Side Effects to the Root Canal Treatment

Unfortunately, side effects are common. Even though you pay close attention to the aftercare directions, you can still suffer from a few side effects. It just happens. With the root canal treatment, some of the most common side effects can be the most aggravating.

Swelling Around the Treatment Area

Some swelling after the root canal treatment is expected. After all, the gums are sensitive and with lots of activity, it makes sense that swelling would occur. Most of the swelling derives from drilling and tooth treatments and can be decreased by gargling with salt water and good dental hygiene with mouthwash.

Pain After Root Canal Treatment

It’s expected that there would be a certain amount of pain, especially since incisions were made around the treatment area. This pain will pass and it’s nothing to be concerned about. If you take your medications as directed, you will be fine.

Decaying Nerves

In rare occasions there will be nerves left to continue in the decaying process. This can lead to severe problems and should be reported to your dental provider. This is not a normal side effect with the root canal treatment and should never be ignored.

Help at Bayside Dental

If you’re experiencing frightening side effects after a root canal treatment, feel free to contact Bayside Dental for help. Our professionals are there to help you through any oral health ordeal. Your dental health is our top priority.

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