Reasons for having a headache after tooth extraction

A Tooth extraction occurs if there is no way to save the natural tooth. Although it is a problematic task, leaving it untreated will make the situation worst. The gums, tissues, and surrounding teeth will get infections, start loosening, and eventually fall, so take action before it gets too late. Every day, several extractions occur at the dental office; it is a routine, and within a few days, the area heals; however, there is a need for proper aftercare. Few people complain of having a headache after a tooth extraction, so is it normal? Read the following blog to find out about the reasons for a headache and other symptoms after tooth removal.

Headache after tooth extraction

A Headache is the result of many causes like tiredness, tension, workload, and diseases. Similarly, headache after a tooth extraction is not uncommon; removing a part of your body is not easy. During the process, the use of injection and medicines, the forces that push and pull the tooth together put pressure on the facial structure that causes headaches. During the process, the patient will not feel the pain, but once the sedative effect goes away, such a problem is common. Many other reasons are responsible for headaches, including infection, dry socket, and damage in the sinus and decaying bone.

Tooth infections that cause headache

If the tooth has pus due to an infection causing a lot of discomforts, it needs extraction. Fever, swelling, bleeding, and headache occur in such a case. During an extraction, removal of a decayed tooth and pus occurs so that the infection does not spread further in the gums. Few medicines are given before the procedure to make it less painful and comfortable for the patient, though good aftercare is necessary. Though, the slightest traces of infection left behind can spread in the gums, leading to a headache.

Is a dry socket painful?

After removal, an empty socket forms in the gum and jaw behind with a cloth that will heal in a few days. However, due to a wrong move, a dry socket forms that can be painful. A dry socket is a result of losing the cloth from the exposed area; it can be because of drinking carbonated drinks, using a straw, smoking, or accidentally biting over the place. Losing the cloth means exposure of nerves, which can be extremely painful; hence the person has to visit the dentist immediately.

Rare possibilities

The cases of rupturing sinuses and decaying bone are rare; however, they can occur and lead to headaches even after a few weeks of extraction. On the top of our upper molars, we have our sinuses; complications arising in extraction can rupture it, causing headaches. On the other hand, it is possible that a part of the bone dies and can no longer heal itself due to which the pain stays in the gums even after weeks. Hence, it is better to schedule a consultation if the headache, after a tooth extraction, continues to worsen.

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