Jaw Pain And Heart Attack, Is There A Possible Link?

Jaw pain can cause serious discomfort, not allowing you to enjoy the little delicacies of life. Jaw pain rarely points out towards a lethal underlying cause. However, jaw pain due to a heart attack is an exception to that. When something is wrong with the body, your body tends to throw out some pointers that you shouldn’t ignore. Similar is the case with the jaw pain in the case of a heart attack. Therefore, let’s discuss jaw pain due to a heart attack so you know when to call in for emergency care.

What’s A Heart Attack:

Heart Attack occurs when blood flow in coronary arteries is blocked. Due to the blockage, the tissue cannot get its regular supply of oxygen. Under this oxygen deprivation, affected heart tissues begin to die. Blood blockage can affect a limited area of the heart or the whole heart, with the latter being more devastating. Nonetheless, immediate medical attention can help limit the damage.

Jaw Pain And Heart Attack:

A heart attack doesn’t have a direct link to your jaw. On the contrary, the jaw fell victim to the radiating pain that originates in the torso. The chest is the first part that comes to mind to feel the effect of a heart attack. However, what starts as a sensation of tightness and pain radiates to other body parts such as the spine, neck, and back.

Many describe the chest pain as feeling similar to getting stabbed. As for the jaw, the pain is similar to that of a bad toothache. Women more often experience radiating pain that affects the lower portion of their left jaw.

Other Symptoms Of Heart Attack:

Jaw pain is present among the symptoms of a heart attack, but it’s not one of the telltale heart attack indicators. The most common symptom of a heart attack is chest pain and tightness. However, these signs also precede an attack:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Cold Sweats
  • Shortness Of Breath

Women may experience some different heart attack symptoms, such as unusual fatigue. This is not the common level of tiredness many of us go through at the end of the day. We are referring to extreme fatigue in which you feel too tired to do the most basic day-to-day tasks.

Moreover, with some heart attacks, you won’t feel symptoms with the same intensity resulting in you ignoring them. This is termed a silent heart attack.

The Most Common Reason For Jaw Pain:

Although a heart attack can lead to jaw pain, there are more obvious signs to indicate a heart attack. On the other hand, jaw pain arises primarily due to dental problems. Cavities, gum diseases, and tooth infections can lead to jaw pain.

Interestingly, it’s easier to avoid the aftermath of these problems by observing proper oral hygiene and visiting a dentist regularly. A dental visit will prepare you to stave off any dental illness that might come your way. Therefore, always visit a reputable dentist like Bayside Dental. You can call us at 979-330-4113 to learn more about how we can help.

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