How Do Clear Aligners Work?

If you are ready to start the teeth straightening process, it is important to be aware of all the options that modern dentistry offers. One of the most advanced options in dental technology to fix misaligned or crooked teeth is clear aligners. Much like traditional braces, clear aligners can straighten your teeth by gradually shifting your teeth into the ideal position, providing a path to a more beautiful, healthy smile.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are often referred to as “invisible braces” and much like traditional braces, they work by gradually shifting the misaligned teeth back into place. Clear aligners are a series of aligners, worn for a specific amount of time (often 2 weeks at a time), moving the teeth gradually until the teeth have moved back into the proper position. In addition to providing patients with a straighter smile, clear aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

The Difference Between Braces and Clear Aligners

The key difference between wearing traditional braces and clear aligners is braces pull the teeth, gradually forcing them back into position, and aligners push and rotate the teeth back into position. Aligners provide a smooth, mild rotation and is often a more preferred option for adults. The most beneficial aspect outside of appearance concerns is that clear aligners do not cause bleeding or pain on the gums or jaw.

How Do Clear Aligners Work to Move Your Teeth?

Visiting with your dentist is the first step to wearing clear aligners to straighten your teeth. The process of moving the teeth with clear aligners will vary from patient to patient. Clear aligners are a custom-made set of aligners that are molded to the shape of your teeth. Patients will receive a new set of clear aligners every two weeks to continue the process of shifting the teeth back into place. The entire process and length of time will depend on your individual needs. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth gradually by pushing them into place over time.

If you want a straighter, healthier smile consider giving yourself the gift of clear aligners. For more information about the benefits of wearing clear aligners over traditional braces call the knowledgeable team at Bayside Dental to schedule a consult today.

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