Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Infection Relief.

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt late and cause loads of problems. They are most likely to bother you when you are in your 20’s enjoying your life. We all don’t mind a few extra teeth. However, we don’t have enough space in our jaws to welcome them. Nonetheless, you can’t do anything to stop this natural process because when it’s time, your wisdom tooth will erupt at peculiar angles. This is the root of all your wisdom teeth problems, including the cause of wisdom tooth infection, which we shall discuss in this article, along with some home remedies for minor wisdom tooth infections.

The Root Of All Problems:

When a wisdom tooth tries to bud at peculiar angles, it impacts the neighboring molar. Thus, the wisdom tooth cannot emerge to its full glory. In fact, only a part of it makes it through beyond your gums, just like a tip of an iceberg. When a wisdom tooth emerges like this, making an angle with neighboring molars, small pockets form between teeth and between the wisdom tooth and gums. Sneaky food remnants from your last dinner might hide in these spaces.

These spaces are hard to reach, so it’s likely that you couldn’t remove the debris while you brush. Eventually, bacteria accumulate and may lead to an infection, and the severity of the infection can vary.

Gum Infection: Your gums being soft tissue, is quite susceptible to infection, and the infection, if not treated timely, can take a nasty turn. It will start with gum swelling, redness, and pain. However, the swelling may progress, and opening your mouth may be painful and restricted. This will inevitably affect your ability to eat and chew; sometimes, you may not be able to chew hard foods like candy or nuts.

Tooth Infection: Although your wisdom tooth is a hard tissue, it’s still vulnerable to infection. This type of infection you may recall as cavities. Hence, wisdom tooth cavities are equally likely, with slow and asymptomatic progress. However, once it hits the dentin, you might experience excruciating pain. The infection can also spread to the jaw bone, causing further complications.

Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Infection Relief:

Your body can heal minor tooth infections in some time. Therefore, you can try out these home remedies to make that time bearable.

Applying Cold Compress: You can apply a cold pack to the outside of the cheeks to abate the pain and swelling.

Gargle Using Salt Water: Gargling salt water is a great way to fight bacteria and swelling.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse: You have an antiseptic mouthwash using hydrogen peroxide and equal parts of water. However, make sure that this rinse is dilute because it can also harm healthy tissues.
Clove Oil: Clove oil is one of nature’s dental antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; you can swish its oil in your mouth for swelling and pain relief.

The best way to avoid all of this hustle is through wisdom tooth removal and Bayside Dental can help you with this. You can call us at 979-330-4113 to book an appointment.

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