Gum Disease Symptoms: When to See a Dentist

Many people have symptoms of gum disease without even realizing it. Gum disease is common and can be treated by a dentist, but it’s important to catch the disease early before it progresses into a serious problem. If you notice any of the following symptoms, make an appointment to see a dentist.

Red, Swollen, or Bleeding Gums

This is often the first symptom of gum disease. For some people, they will notice blood in the sink after spitting when brushing their teeth or redness along their gum line (where the gums and teeth meet). If you notice these symptoms or feel as if your gums are swollen or irritated, call a dentist.

Receding Gums

Receding gums are another common sign of gum disease. If you notice your gums are separating from your teeth or that your teeth look slightly longer, have a dentist evaluate the situation. Many people think receding gums are just another part of aging, but they can be a sign of a dental issue.

Persistent Pain

Sometimes, a pain in the mouth starts before you experience any other signs of gum disease. This pain might be accompanied by bad breath, mouth sores, or pus. Call a dentist if you are experiencing these symptoms. Any time you have persistent pain, you should see a professional. Pains in the mouth are no exception!

If you think you may have gum diseases or would just like to talk to a dentist about your gum health, call us at 979-330-4113. Our dedicated team is waiting to help you!

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