Getting Braces on Top Teeth Only, What to Expect?

It is normal for children and adults to request braces on top teeth only. It makes complete sense if you are happy with your bottom teeth’ aesthetics, or don’t care to straighten them since they’re not as visible

However, it is a bit trickier than that, and several factors come into play with just treating one row of teeth.

Braces on Upper Teeth Only

You can get braces on your upper teeth only depending on your issues. 

Some orthodontists will put braces on the top teeth before concentrating on your bottom teeth. When that happens, the orthodontist will carefully diagnose your issue and the relationship between your top and bottom teeth. 

Some Factors to Consider

Your smile does not just depend on your teeth’ position. Your bite is a complicated relationship that also involves your jaws, and imbalanced jaws can affect the way you bite.

Many times a single arch treatment leaves you with a worse bite. Therefore, it is essential to achieve an even bite to help distribute even forces on your teeth and prevent wearing and trauma.

Another thing to consider is the way your teeth move. For instance, crowded teeth tend to move forward when straightened, whereas teeth with spaces move backward. So, while getting braces on top teeth only will straighten those top teeth, your bite will be off. If your top teeth are crowded, for example, addressing just the upper teeth can cause your overbite to grow larger.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you opt to get braces on top teeth only, you’ll need to stick to soft, easy-to-eat foods until the initial pain or discomfort fades away. Apart from that, it would help if you also continued practicing good oral hygiene and regularly visiting your orthodontist for check-ups and adjustments. And if you are traveling with braces, make sure you are prepared to care for them.

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