Do You Know These Must-Know Facts About Oral Cancer?

Cancer is becoming more and more common, but its name still sends a shiver down our spine. Therefore, it’s better to try to shed this atmosphere of fear and combat this with some facts. Arming yourself with facts and knowledge about oral cancer empowers prevention and better management if diagnosed with one. We will share with you some facts about oral cancer that may help you out with better cancer prevention.

What’s cancer?

Cancer begins with a tumor, which is an abnormal growth of cells. The tumor grows exponentially by exploiting our body’s limited resources. Now a tumor can be benign; that is, they stay where it began. Surgically removing the tumor will do the trick in such scenarios. However, the real problem arises when the tumor is cancerous. Parts of these cancerous tumors detach themselves from the origin and begin a body tour. They find a suitable site to settle, and the tumor spreads to a new location in the body. In this way, a cancerous tumor can spread around the body.
Oral cancer often refers to the squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue, throat, lips, and voice box.

Some facts about oral cancer:

Oral cancer is classified into stages:

Oral cancer can be classified using the TNM staging system where:
T indicates the size of the tumor.
N indicates whether the tumor has spread to lymph nodes.
M identifies if the tumor has spread to the other part of the body.
CT scan, MRI, and many other detection methods check the above criteria. It’s important to stage cancer properly, as cancer’s prognosis depends on it. Stages help doctors determine the complexity of cancer they are dealing with and which treatment is best suited to deal with it.

Smokers, Drinkers, and Tobacco Users Are Top Contenders:

Cigarettes and tobacco contain carcinogens that stir up more cancerous tumors. Cancer caused by tobacco use and smoking is so widespread that it is the leading oral cancer cause. Interestingly, most cancer springs up where these substances contact our body. For example, lips cancer is more common among smokers, and mouth cancer is common among tobacco chewers.

Men are affected twice as more often than women:

This is mainly because smoking and tobacco use is more common in men. Furthermore, men harbor a more poor diet compared to women.

Oral Cancer Can Be Caused By A Virus:

HPV( Human papillomavirus) can also lead to oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Caused By Sun Exposure Is Preventable:

UV light from the sun can mutate lips cells, leading to cancerous growth. However, it’s quite preventable by using lip balm or sunblocks.

Sixty percent of the time, Oral Cancer Is Diagnosed In Late Stages:

This is mainly because people ignore cancer symptoms, mistaking them for benign oral disease. Therefore, you must always visit a dentist if a dental issue persists. On the other hand, regular dental visits can also help with a proper diagnosis of oral cancer—Book regular appointments with Bayside Dental. You can call us at 979-330-4113 to learn more about how we can help.

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