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Why Do I Have a Gap in My Teeth — How to Fix It?

December 15, 2022

A gap in teeth is known as a symbol of beauty, intelligence, luck, and a lot more in different cultures. But, when it comes to dentistry, the gap has one name: diastema. Even though the space between your teeth doesn’t always indicate an underlying condition, it’s still better to have your dentist examine it. So … Continue reading “Why Do I Have a Gap in My Teeth — How to Fix It?”

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Can You Pop a Canker Sore? | Is It Safe?

November 30, 2022

The dislike for pimples is a universal thing. They spring up out of nowhere, forcing you to pop them. They can also be extremely painful, just like canker sores. Dubbed as pimples for your mouth, canker sores are tiny little ulcers that grow inside your lips, gums, and even your tongue. But can you pop … Continue reading “Can You Pop a Canker Sore? | Is It Safe?”

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How to Fix Tooth Decay in Children: Tips and Strategies

November 15, 2022

Dental cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues among young children. Even though children have baby teeth that will eventually fall off, it is still important to keep them in a healthy form. Ignoring a cavity can cause further damage to your child’s teeth, which can have long-term implications. In … Continue reading “How to Fix Tooth Decay in Children: Tips and Strategies”

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Gums Are Important – Here Is How To Keep Them Healthy

September 30, 2022

It’s easy to overlook gums and think oral health is all about teeth. After all, when you smile, your pearly whites are what the world witnesses first. Gums may not contribute to the aesthetics, but they do support your teeth. Therefore, gums are equally important, and you must keep them healthy. Why Do You Need … Continue reading “Gums Are Important – Here Is How To Keep Them Healthy”

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Antibiotics For Toothache… When Can This Prescription Work?

September 15, 2022

We know how severe toothache can make your life challenging to say the least. In those moments of despair, you will look for a remedy, something that can soothe the pain and contribute to permanent pain relief. OTC painkillers may work for a while, but the pain resurgence confirms that something foul is at play. … Continue reading “Antibiotics For Toothache… When Can This Prescription Work?”

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Four Effective Home Remedies For Sore Throat You Should Know About.

August 30, 2022

No matter how healthy your body is, a sore throat is the most common infection that you might face. Hence, we’re so used to it that we can feel it coming even before it arrives! Fortunately, there are various ways you can erase this discomfort. Here are some home remedies you can try to eliminate … Continue reading “Four Effective Home Remedies For Sore Throat You Should Know About.”

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STOP Chewing Ice! Try These Alternatives Instead.

August 15, 2022

As peculiar as it may seem, munching on ice cubes gives a euphoria similar to a cup of coffee. How fascinating is that? Quench your thirst and boost mental alertness at the same time. Unfortunately, disadvantages tag alongside too. Well, just like any other addiction, this habit can’t magically vanish overnight. Here are some alternatives … Continue reading “STOP Chewing Ice! Try These Alternatives Instead.”

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What’s Special About Metals Used In Dental Implants?

July 30, 2022

For a long time, metals have been a crucial asset for dentistry. Hence, we can trace the earliest uses of metal in dental implants and as prosthetics back to ancient Egyptians. For dentists, metals have proven to be irreplaceable, securing their place even today. Although the treatment and the metal usage have improved tremendously, the … Continue reading “What’s Special About Metals Used In Dental Implants?”

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Effects Of Chewing Ice On Your Teeth

July 15, 2022

We always head to our freezers or nearby soda shops to escape the maddening torridity of the peak summer season. Isn’t it a relief to gulp down a glass of cold beverage filled with ice? One moment the glass is full, and the next moment it’s empty; all that is left behind is ice. And … Continue reading “Effects Of Chewing Ice On Your Teeth”

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Foods That Can Boost Your Immunity Naturally

June 30, 2022

What’s better than naturally boosting your immunity to fend against ailments? What this means is that with some food alternatives, you can give your vitamin supplement a rest. However, you still need to discuss your plan with your doctor before dropping any medicine or supplements. Regardless of all that, boosting immunity can be as easy … Continue reading “Foods That Can Boost Your Immunity Naturally”

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