3 Essential Vitamins For gums And Teeth

Do you think that fueling your car with low-quality gasoline will keep it running for very long? Of course not! Similarly, for a healthy and energetic body, proper nutrition is necessary, including your teeth and gums. In order to protect your oral health, taking the right type of supplement through food or supplements is very important. Keep reading to find which vitamin is essential for your teeth and gums.

1. Calcium

Calcium is not only good for your bones for your teeth as well. It helps to form and maintain healthy teeth. The easiest way to consume calcium is through dairy products such as milk and yogurt. These contain a type of calcium that your body absorbs easily. Apart from that, canned salmon is also a good source of calcium. If you are a vegan, you can go for items such as fortified cereals, blackstrap molasses, and green leafy vegetables.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is good for your oral health and your eyes too. It helps in the formation and maintenance of tissues like teeth and mucus membranes. There are two forms of this vitamin:

Preformed vitamin A- which you can find in poultry, meat, dairy, and other animal products

Provitamin A- can be found in fruits and vegetables.

3. Vitamin C

Like the other vitamins are good for your teeth, vitamin C, in particular, is good for your gums. Vitamin c helps in the formation of blood vessels and other vital tissues supporting your teeth. Also, note that this nutrient also assists in the healing process. The deficiency of vitamin c can lead to bleeding in gums. So if you ever experience bleeding gums, vitamin c deficiency can be the reason behind it. From this, you can imagine the importance of this amazing nutrient. You can find it in many fruits and vegetables, including berries, oranges, lemon, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and many more.

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