When to Choose Dental Veneers

A beautiful, sparkling white smile is hard to miss and when the teeth look perfect it catches the eye. Few people are born with such smiles. Most who have those types of smiles have had dental procedures performed on their teeth to get them looking that way. There are a few different ways to get that perfect smile. Some are costlier and time consuming than others. You can get that perfect looking smile with dental veneers.

The Beauty of Dental Veneers

These dental prosthetics have been around since the late 1920s when they were used to beautify the smiles of starlets. Those perfect Hollywood smiles on the silver screen were often created in the dental office. Dental veneers have gone though many improvements over the decades and now there has been a resurgence of their use. Many of today’s movie stars, influencers, and average Joes have stunning smiles thanks to dental veneers.

Why Choose Dental Veneers?

Veneers can mask a variety of minor dental imperfections. When you have tiny gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, or badly discolored teeth, dental veneers can make a dramatic difference. When these porcelain faces are adhered directly to the teeth, your smile goes from glum to glitzy. This is a less expensive alternative to getting your teeth capped and the beauty of dental veneers lasts longer than that of having your teeth bonded, which is another cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of teeth.

Dental veneers can provide you with the awesome smile you have always wanted. If you have mottled teeth or teeth that have not responded well to whitening, veneers can make them look sparkling white. If you have teeth that are too small for the contours of your face, dental veneers can dramatically change your appearance.

The decision to get dental veneers is not one to be made without guidance. Contact us at Bayside Dental and make an appointment for a dental exam and consultation. Your perfect smile may be just a call away.

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